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  • Autumn Update

    Autumn Update

    I had a sense it had been a while since my last update, but I see it’s less than a month! I will try to keep more up to date than I have done in recent years. Just a motley collection of shots from April at Wellington. First up, a common sight that won’t be…

  • New and Exciting

    New and Exciting

    In recent months, I have captured two new-to-me types. (Well, almost.) Qantas started up a new service between Brisbane (BNE) and Wellington (WLG). From what I have heard, they selected the Embraer E190 aircraft to gauge demand, rather than the usual trans-Tasman Boeing 737-800s used into Wellington. The latest news is they will soon up-gauge…

  • Wellington Noteworthy

    Wellington Noteworthy

    It has been a long time since I posted here. Again. I’m going to remedy that with not one but six new posts. I’ll schedule them to roll out over the next week or two. First up is a selection of more interesting aircraft taken at Wellington International Airport since my last post in July…

  • Unusual Colours

    Unusual Colours

    A trio of out-of-the-ordinary colour schemes.

  • I’m Still Here!

    I’m Still Here!

    I just checked and the last time I posted on the blog was December 2021! I also counted 12 posts for 2021 and so far none for 2022 and it’s half gone already. That’s not because I haven’t been taking photos, but because I’ve not taken very many and there’s not a whole lot of…

  • Winter Wellington

    Winter Wellington

    It felt like such a long time since I last posted that I was sure I had failed to blog about plenty of visits to Wellington Airport, but on investigation there is only my most recent visit this last week. I was taking some encouraged time off work and decided to head out to see what…

  • Welly winter wings

    Welly winter wings

    Aside from my extensive remastering work this year (over 500 photos remastered up to this point!) I have only made a handful of visits to Wellington International Airport since the last post on the subject, and all of those within the last 5 weeks. To be precise, 4 visits in 5 weeks. Herewith, a sampling…

  • End of break visit

    End of break visit

    I’ve been enjoying a three week break from work over Christmas and New Year, but only managed to get in a trip to the airport with camera and sun on Friday. My chief goal was to catch the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 arriving from one of my usual spots, as I have only seen it at…

  • Boeing, Boeing, gone

    Boeing, Boeing, gone

    I didn’t realise it at the time, but the pictures I published mid-October of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200ER would be my last of the type at Wellington. Only 9 more flights followed that one before the type was retired from the route. While it was quite exciting to have such a large aircraft as…

  • Spring sunshine

    Spring sunshine

    It’s been a while since I visited Wellington Airport with the sole purpose of taking photographs, but today was such a day.

  • Merry Christmas from Air New Zealand

    Merry Christmas from Air New Zealand

    Here it is. Probably my final post of 2018 and bringing me bang up to date. Wellington got a special visitor on Christmas Eve in the shape of Air New Zealand’s first Airbus A321neo, ZK-NNA.

  • Almost caught up!

    Almost caught up!

    In what I had hoped to be my final catch-up post, I will show you a selection of types I have captured in the latter half of 2018 out at ‘my local’ — Wellington International Airport. But there’s yet another catch-up post to come with a rather special new type. Keep your eyes peeled for another…