Airbus A350 9V-SMH

End of break visit

I’ve been enjoying a three week break from work over Christmas and New Year, but only managed to get in a trip to the airport with camera and sun on Friday. My chief goal was to catch the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 arriving from one of my usual spots, as I have only seen it at the airport the one time on its inaugural trip, when I was in the terminal for its arrival.

Herewith a brief sampling of the 41 images uploaded.

First up is this Cessna Citation Mustang, ZK-VXM which I can just barely make out on the side says “New Zealand Air Ambulance Service”.


Next up is the main event, Airbus A350-900, 9V-SMH, arrives for Singapore Airlines’ SQ247 service from Singapore and Melbourne.


It was a nice day with not too much in the way of wind, so there were a few Wellington Aero Club operations. Here we see the arrival of Piper PA-38 Tomahawk, ZK-TAW, apparently with instructor and student.


Sounds Air’s Pilatus PC-12, ZK-PLV, was busy. I saw it leave, arrive, and leave again while I was at the airport.


I was pleased to see not one but two examples of Qantas’ newest colour scheme as shown here by Boeing 737-800, VH-VZG.


Finally, there were a handful of Beechcraft twins operating. Here we see Air Wanganui’s KingAir B200, ZK-PMJ.


You can see all 41 shots over on my Flickr feed.


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