New and Exciting

In recent months, I have captured two new-to-me types. (Well, almost.)

Qantas started up a new service between Brisbane (BNE) and Wellington (WLG). From what I have heard, they selected the Embraer E190 aircraft to gauge demand, rather than the usual trans-Tasman Boeing 737-800s used into Wellington. The latest news is they will soon up-gauge to the 737 after all, as demand has been strong.

But at least it gave us a new-to-Wellington type for a while. I headed out to the airport to catch the first scheduled service. (There had been a prior route-proving flight.)

Qantas Embraer E190AR, VH-UZF, is on short final for RWY 16 at Wellington on the inaugural scheduled service from Brisbane.
Qantas Embraer E190AR, VH-UZF, moments from touchdown for the inaugural scheduled service from Brisbane.

Now for the admission. I have actually photographed an E190AR before — a Virgin Australia example at Sydney Airport in 2012 — but I have never published any photos. Maybe I will now.

The other type is one that has been to Wellington before, but I have never seen anywhere. I was lucky to see this one.

I was sitting at home, thinking the daily E190 flight must be due soon, and as flights were approaching over my house, I might look out at it. I heard an aircraft approaching, went to the window, and saw… what I thought was a Boeing C-17, about to pass over the house.

I knew my camera was next to the back door, so I raced upstairs, grabbed it, ran outside and as I was aiming the camera and focusing, I realised it wasn’t a C-17 at all!

RAF Airbus A400M Atlas, ZM403, streams tip contrails as it approaches Wellington.

An A400M did visit Wellington when the RNZAF and New Zealand Government were yet to decide what would replace our ageing Lockheed C-130H(NZ) fleet, however I was not lucky enough to see it at the time.

This aircraft arrived ex Papeete, and after around an hour on the ground refuelling, headed of to Melbourne.






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