Air Pictorial

Some time ago I offered to take a lot of old magazines off my Mum’s hands. Among these are the best part of three decades worth of Air Pictorial collected by my father. With some exclusions, they range from 1958 to 1989 totalling 286 issues.

It turns out no-one (including me) wants to have three large boxes of magazines in their house, but quite a few people expressed interest in what they might contain. To that end, I have begun the process of deconstructing the magazines and scanning sections of interest. I have chosen mostly contemporary subjects including news, advertisements, and also editorials when I find them poignant (like the one predicting 1,000 ton, nuclear-powered flying boats). Most of the content that was historic to the time I have skipped.

There is almost certainly an issue of copyright in reproducing these here, but I make no money from this site (notwithstanding I have merchandise available elsewhere, which is linked here). As such, I would like to make clear that copyright on these works remains with the authors (UK publisher’s rights lapse after 25 years) and my only intent is to make these available for historical interest, to like minded individuals.

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