Almost caught up!

In what I had hoped to be my final catch-up post, I will show you a selection of types I have captured in the latter half of 2018 out at ‘my local’ — Wellington International Airport. But there’s yet another catch-up post to come with a rather special new type. Keep your eyes peeled for another post soon.

Meanwhile, here’s a collection of shots from the 51 photos I just posted to Flickr.

First up, here’s RNZAF C-130 Hercules, NZ7003, arriving smokily for RWY34.


Next up, from the same “airline” is newly leased Beechcraft Super King Air 350i, NZ2351.


And again later when leaving the western apron.


Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-200ER, 9V-SRQ is looking a little the worse for  wear when seen this close up as it crossed the threshold for RWY34. At some point SIA will be replacing these, though it’s not clear with what type.


It looks slightly better from the other side in different light.


Pelorus Air’s Cessna 185 Skywagon, ZK-PRM, came hooning in (there’s no other word for it) while I was waiting on the RNZAF Beechcraft to depart. A tight, very short approach, a quick runway exit and a ‘purposeful’ swing into its parking spot right in front of me.


This is an interesting aircraft I don’t believe I have seen before. Air Chathams’ Swearingen Metroliner, ZK-CID, which lived up to one definition of “CID” (Criminal Investigation Department) as it appeared to have just delivered a load of prisoners! There were lots of people in blue uniforms and a large truck with few windows.


Skyline Aviation’s Super King Air 200, ZK-MFT, has had a new coat of paint since I last captured it. I think it looks pretty snazzy now, if a little worn under the wing!


Finally, we come back to the RNZAF to view one half of its jet fleet — Boeing 757-200, NZ7572 — as it crosses the active runway heading for the western apron.


That’s just a sampling from the 57 published shots which you can find here on Flickr. These include half a dozen extra shots there of some of the local non-aircraft-but-aviation-related subjects.


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