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  • From the digital shoebox

    From the digital shoebox

    As you will see in a subsequent post, my Wellington Airport album on Flickr had nearly reached 1,000 images. Having spent a long time in my photo library of late, I had spotted a few aircraft that never made it to Flickr publication and so to get my album up to the magic 1,000, I…

  • Widebody wonder

    Widebody wonder

    I managed to get to the airport today just in time to see the third arrival of Singapore Airlines’ SQ291 flight from Singapore and Canberra, along with quite a few other spotters, as this was the first arrival on a weekend day.

  • Welly, Welly, Welly, Oi, Oi, Oi

    Welly, Welly, Welly, Oi, Oi, Oi

    It was a heck of a weekend just gone, with no less than three visits to Wellington Airport for the purposes of picking up and dropping off family members. As the appointed chauffeur, I took my opportunities to train my camera on activities as time allowed. I did this both from some of my usual…

  • Duxford Spring Air Show, 2001

    Duxford Spring Air Show, 2001

    I’ve been doing a lot of scanning of my father’s black and white negatives over the last 6 months or so and I decided to treat myself by scanning some of my own old negatives. When I say old, mine are from 2001.

  • Don’t get used to this

    Don’t get used to this

    Already I have more pics from another visit to Wellington Airport. Don’t get used to this frequency of updates, though!

  • Best of 2015

    Best of 2015

    My top 10 aviation photos of 2015.