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  • Trip of Plenty

    Trip of Plenty

    In December I made a brief trip to the Bay of Plenty area and I was able to capture quite a few interesting aircraft, even with limited time. Our primary destination was Rotorua. We took several walks down by Lake Rotorua, where Volcanic Air Safaris operate a selection of aircraft, including New Zealand’s only registered…

  • Assorted travels

    Assorted travels

    A handful of pics taken on travels.

  • A Trip North

    A Trip North

    I’ve just got back from a short road trip which gave me the opportunity to drop into two airfields. First was Taupo Airport, where I arrived just in time to see Taupo Tandem Skydiving‘s Cessna 208 Caravan, ZK-TTS, departing at speed — before I could get my camera ready. However, I stuck around and was…

  • More Old and New

    More Old and New

    A selection of old images, with a couple of recent ones thrown in.

  • Much remastering

    Much remastering

    As with previous posts, I have remastered yet more photos — nearly 100 on the aviation theme. I think it was a sequence of non-aviation photos that got me looking at my 2018 shots. These are ripe for reprocessing as I only discovered DxO PhotoLab in October 2019. There are several blocks I have done,…

  • Paya Lebar, Changi, and Sydney remastered

    Paya Lebar, Changi, and Sydney remastered

    I can’t help myself. I recently realised that while I had remastered my non-aviation shots from our 2019 trip to Singapore, I still had those from the RSAF Museum at Paya Lebar, and from our final day when we spent half a day at Changi Airport before flying out in the evening. When I’d done…

  • Catchup again

    Catchup again

    Although I have posted twice for photo album remasters in the last 9 months, I’ve not posted once about new photos, so it’s time for a quick catchup. I’ve seen a lot more of the Airbus A320neo/A321neo fleet, as Air New Zealand made heavy use of the types as domestic flying rebounded post lockdown. Here,…

  • Rotorua and back

    Rotorua and back

    This is a small update to draw your attention to a handful of new pictures I have just posted. They result from a long weekend away in Rotorua. There are so few photos, I’ll include them all here.

  • Airline albums

    Airline albums

    I was looking for a photo the other day and it occurred to me I could probably have found it quicker if I had my Flickr albums organised by airline. (Some of my older photos aren’t tagged brilliantly.)

  • Best of 2015

    Best of 2015

    My top 10 aviation photos of 2015.