Paya Lebar, Changi, and Sydney remastered

I can’t help myself. I recently realised that while I had remastered my non-aviation shots from our 2019 trip to Singapore, I still had those from the RSAF Museum at Paya Lebar, and from our final day when we spent half a day at Changi Airport before flying out in the evening. When I’d done those, I actually went looking for what I could attack next, and stumbled on the few hours I similarly spent at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport before flying home from a short visit in November 2012.

In order of time taken (rather than reworked), then…

I was very pleased with how some of these Sydney shots came out with the power of DxO’s DeepPRIME engine. The originals were published at a mere 1200 pixels wide so there isn’t really a fair comparison except to say I was never compelled to go bigger back then! These were taken with my then-nearly-two-year-old Pentax K5.

I travelled on United airlines in 1998, AKL-LAX-DEN-IAH, and it was not an experience I remember fondly, but I do love this colour scheme!

United Airlines Boeing 747-400, N199UA, departing Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

In 2019 I would travel on a sister-ship of this aircraft from this very airport, up to Singapore.

Qantas Airbus A330-300, VH-QPB, at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

I’ve seen more than a few Airbus A380s now, but in 2012 they were new and exciting to me. They had only been in airline service for around 5 years at this stage.

Qantas Airbus A380, VH-OQJ “Bert Hinkler”, at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

You can see the full set of 22 Sydney photos over on Flickr.

Next up is the Paya Lebar museum of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

The Hawker Hunter is my favourite British jet of any era.

Hawker Hunter FGA.74S, Air Force Museum (KP190487)
Hawker Hunter FGA.74S, Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum, Paya Lebar.

Perhaps less well known than the characteristic ‘double bubble’ canopied A-4SU models, were the A-4S models (remanufactured A-4Bs).

McDonnell Douglas A-4S Skyhawk, Air Force Museum (KP190508)
McDonnell Douglas A-4S Skyhawk, Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum, Paya Lebar.

While waiting for a taxi to return to our hotel, I noticed this very-much non-museum airframe! Apparently photos aren’t welcomed so I was quick about snapping this off!

McDonnell Douglas F-15SG Eagle, Air Force Museum (KP190515)
McDonnell Douglas F-15SG Eagle, Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum, Paya Lebar.

The rest of this small set is over on Flickr, but before we depart Paya Lebar, here’s a little bit of history. We used to live in Singapore when I was little and I have been to Paya Lebar before. I was there (I’ve seen a photo of me taken on the day) when this showed up.

10 June 1972, prototype Concorde G-BSST at Paya Lebar Airport, Singapore
10 June 1972, prototype Concorde G-BSST at Paya Lebar Airport, Singapore. Photo by my Dad, scanned and cleaned by my brother.

That brings us to Changi. Where 747s and A380s were in dominance at Sydney 9 years ago, in 2019 it was 787s and A350s ruling the roost, though there were still plenty of 777s around too.

Airbus A350-900, 9V-SMJ, at Changi Airport.
Eva Air Boeing 777-300ER, B-16733, at Changi Airport.
Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-9, HZ-ARH, at Changi Airport.

Once again, the full set is over on Flickr. All three sets combined feature a total of 75 remastered photos. Now I’m off to look for some more to do!





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