Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 Remastered

Following on from prior album remasterings, I have turned my attention to my Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 album. I had recently added an extra six photos and these were to my modern standards, which made them stick out in the album.…


Wairarapa Remastered

Greetings, followers. Those of you who follow my Flickr feed directly may already have noticed some new shots from way back in 2015. What happened is I got some new software which I am now using to process my photos.…


In the beginning

A while ago I had written on the old site about the origins of ZKARJ on the web and had mentioned the AeroImage branding.

Recently I was going through some very old backups – I can’t remember why – when I came across an archive of the AeroImage site. What I discovered there jogged my memory that AeroImage was not the first!