In the beginning


A while ago I had written on the old site about the origins of ZKARJ on the web and had mentioned the AeroImage branding.

Aero Image screen capture

Recently I was going through some very old backups – I can’t remember why – when I came across an archive of the AeroImage site. What I discovered there jogged my memory that AeroImage was not the first!

Below are two different versions of branding on Kokako’s Nest in late 1999. I think the AeroImage brand took over the following year.

Kokako's Nest screen capture (1 of 2)

Kokako's Nest screen capture (2 of 2)

From what I can tell it was all set up in 1999 and had changed appearance at least twice and name once within around 18 months. I’ve just changed everything again. I guess it’s what I do.

Herewith, some 17 years later, the original 9 photographs that started my online presence. (I note the copyright date on the photos is 2000. I think they were without copyright for the first year.)


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