Greetings, followers. Those of you who follow my Flickr feed directly may already have noticed some new shots from way back in 2015. What happened is I got some new software which I am now using to process my photos. It’s so good at bringing a crisp sharpness out of my best images that I can’t stop myself from going back to old favourites and having another go.

There were sixteen new photos added to the Wings Over Wairarapa 2015 Flickr album a week ago. These came about as I was looking at re-editing the already published images. I’ve now gone through and reprocessed all 100 original images from scratch.

Some I have “pulled back” where the quality didn’t stand getting in close, but others that are the best quality I have cropped even closer than the originals. This, combined with a heavier use of a 16:9 aspect ratio (that I was less keen on five years ago) means some of the aircraft are substantially larger (and more beautiful) in frame.

Here are a few of the shots that benefited most — they are just oozing detail.




Click on the images to see full size on Flickr. Be sure to view the originals on a large screen to get the best effect. These images are 3,200 pixels wide.

The new software is changing how I select my photos for publication now — only the sharpest will make the grade. Hopefully I can nail the focus well enough in the field because it’s far more obvious when I bring them into PhotoLab 3 than it has been in any other software.



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