Waiting at Auckland

In my second catch-up post, I’ve included a handful of shots from a brief trip I made to Auckland in September. It was a work trip, but as it was over a weekend (not to mention the work being overnight), I was able to grab some time at the airport with my camera. Quite a lot of time on my way home – about 4 hours!

First up, a selection of Boeing models, starting with this 787-9, B-1468, operated by Air China – one of many Chinese airlines operating to NZAA!


Another 787-9, this one ZK-NZG, operated by Air New Zealand.


A bit different, and a bit older. Boeing 737-400 freighter, ZK-PAQ, carrying Parcelair titles, but in fact operated by AirWork.


Moving onto Airbuses now, with A380, A6-EOE, operated by Emirates.


An airline we do see in Wellington is Fiji Airways, but we don’t see their Airbus A330-200, DQ-FJV, down here.


There were lots of A330s, but this was by far my favourite colour scheme. Malaysia Airlines’ 9M-MTZ is beautiful.


One type I kept just missing was A350s! I only just caught this one after a quick dash to another window because it pulled up after landing in the same space the preceding Qantas 737-800 did! This is Cathay Pacific’s A350-900, B-LRC, framed by Air New Zealand’s A320, ZK-OXG.


Moving onto smaller stuff now, I had to be quick to catch this Beechcraft Nextant 400XT, ZK-NXJ. I believe this does air ambulance work around the country.


Less exciting, less modern, and a not unfamiliar type to me, but I don’t believe I’ve previously seen Air Chathams’ Saab 340A, ZK-KRA.


And finally, a shot of my ride home, from within. Air New Zealand Airbus A320, ZK-OXI, shortly after takeoff from Auckland.


There are a whole bunch more over on Flickr.


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