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  • Classic Fighters 2011 — remastered

    Classic Fighters 2011 — remastered

    I thought I’d done the remastering of all of my air show albums on Flickr but was searching for photos of a specific aircraft type recently and stumbled across the fact I had so far not done this one.

  • Omaka 2017 Remastered

    Omaka 2017 Remastered

    As per my prior remastering of my Wings Over Wairarapa 2015 photos, I’ve done the same thing for those from Omaka’s Classic Fighters 2017 show. Many shots are more closely cropped for a better view of the aircraft and hopefully the white balance is a bit better on some shots. This time I didn’t find…

  • Classic Fighters 2017

    Classic Fighters 2017

    On Saturday, 15th April, I went to the Classic Fighters air show at Omaka with a couple of family members. For the first time, I experienced a Gold Pass ticket.