• Omaka 2017 Remastered

    Omaka 2017 Remastered

    As per my prior remastering of my Wings Over Wairarapa 2015 photos, I’ve done the same thing for those from Omaka’s Classic Fighters 2017 show. Many shots are more closely cropped for a better view of the aircraft and hopefully the white balance is a bit better on some shots. This time I didn’t find…

  • Wairarapa Remastered

    Wairarapa Remastered

    Greetings, followers. Those of you who follow my Flickr feed directly may already have noticed some new shots from way back in 2015. What happened is I got some new software which I am now using to process my photos. It’s so good at bringing a crisp sharpness out of my best images that I…

  • End of break visit

    End of break visit

    I’ve been enjoying a three week break from work over Christmas and New Year, but only managed to get in a trip to the airport with camera and sun on Friday. My chief goal was to catch the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 arriving from one of my usual spots, as I have only seen it at…

  • Boeing, Boeing, gone

    Boeing, Boeing, gone

    I didn’t realise it at the time, but the pictures I published mid-October of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200ER would be my last of the type at Wellington. Only 9 more flights followed that one before the type was retired from the route. While it was quite exciting to have such a large aircraft as…

  • Spring sunshine

    Spring sunshine

    It’s been a while since I visited Wellington Airport with the sole purpose of taking photographs, but today was such a day.

  • Rotorua and back

    Rotorua and back

    This is a small update to draw your attention to a handful of new pictures I have just posted. They result from a long weekend away in Rotorua. There are so few photos, I’ll include them all here.

  • Changi


    I’ve finally published the last of 174 photos I took in Singapore in April. The last batch are 38 taken at Changi Airport on our last day.

  • Paya Lebar

    Paya Lebar

    A recent two week holiday included a week in Singapore. I took the opportunity on one of the last days there to pay a visit to The Air Force Museum at Paya Lebar Air Base, one of many homes of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

  • Calendars now available

    Calendars now available

    When I was last out at Wellington Airport, I got chatting to a chap who, when I mentioned my web site, said “You should do calendars!” It seemed like a good idea and a good time, so I’ve done it.

  • Creative


    Having recently switched to a new application for processing my photos, I’ve been getting used to new ways of performing adjustments and, sometimes, looking for a slightly creative edge.

  • Merry Christmas from Air New Zealand

    Merry Christmas from Air New Zealand

    Here it is. Probably my final post of 2018 and bringing me bang up to date. Wellington got a special visitor on Christmas Eve in the shape of Air New Zealand’s first Airbus A321neo, ZK-NNA.

  • Almost caught up!

    Almost caught up!

    In what I had hoped to be my final catch-up post, I will show you a selection of types I have captured in the latter half of 2018 out at ‘my local’ — Wellington International Airport. But there’s yet another catch-up post to come with a rather special new type. Keep your eyes peeled for another…