• Unusual Colours

    Unusual Colours

    A trio of out-of-the-ordinary colour schemes.

  • More Old and New

    More Old and New

    A selection of old images, with a couple of recent ones thrown in.

  • 15 Years Today

    15 Years Today

    A quick post just to mark the 15th birthday of this blog. (I know; nothing for six months and then two in less than a week.) Much has changed in 15 years, but the goal remains the same — provide a friendly face to my aviation photography. A couple of recent changes include moving to…

  • Six-Monthly Update

    Six-Monthly Update

    Yeesh! It has been just over six months since I posted here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been publishing photos — you can always follow me over on Flickr — but I just haven’t got around to writing here. It’s time to correct that! Not that I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff since July,…

  • I’m Still Here!

    I’m Still Here!

    I just checked and the last time I posted on the blog was December 2021! I also counted 12 posts for 2021 and so far none for 2022 and it’s half gone already. That’s not because I haven’t been taking photos, but because I’ve not taken very many and there’s not a whole lot of…

  • Much remastering

    Much remastering

    As with previous posts, I have remastered yet more photos — nearly 100 on the aviation theme. I think it was a sequence of non-aviation photos that got me looking at my 2018 shots. These are ripe for reprocessing as I only discovered DxO PhotoLab in October 2019. There are several blocks I have done,…

  • Classic Fighters 2011 — remastered

    Classic Fighters 2011 — remastered

    I thought I’d done the remastering of all of my air show albums on Flickr but was searching for photos of a specific aircraft type recently and stumbled across the fact I had so far not done this one.

  • Auckland 2009

    Auckland 2009

    First I remastered my Whenuapai Open Day photo album, then just recently added some photos taken at MoTaT on the same trip. I also took a bunch of other photos on that trip, at both Auckland International Airport (Mangere), and at Ardmore airfield. These had been published at the time but have now been remastered.…

  • MoTaT 2009

    MoTaT 2009

    Please note that title does not include the word “remastered” despite the year. I will admit I was actually looking for photos I could remaster when I stumbled across a bunch I took at the Museum of Transport and Technology (MoTaT) in Auckland, while I was up there for the Whenuapai Open Day. I was…

  • Paya Lebar, Changi, and Sydney remastered

    Paya Lebar, Changi, and Sydney remastered

    I can’t help myself. I recently realised that while I had remastered my non-aviation shots from our 2019 trip to Singapore, I still had those from the RSAF Museum at Paya Lebar, and from our final day when we spent half a day at Changi Airport before flying out in the evening. When I’d done…

  • Royal International Air Tattoo, 1999

    Royal International Air Tattoo, 1999

    The penultimate set of photos from my 1999 trip to the UK is here. While based in Brighton for work, I would spend weekends with my sister and brother-in-law in west London. When I rang my sister on Thursday evening to confirm I would be up on Friday night, she asked would I like to…

  • Winter Wellington

    Winter Wellington

    It felt like such a long time since I last posted that I was sure I had failed to blog about plenty of visits to Wellington Airport, but on investigation there is only my most recent visit this last week. I was taking some encouraged time off work and decided to head out to see what…