A Little Qantas

Just a quick little post with a couple of Qantas subjects.

I had decided to head out to Wellington Airport to catch the QantasLink E190 from Brisbane from a different angle. Every other time I had seen it had been with a southerly wind. This day in June had a northerly, which meant I could get a lot closer for an airborne shot.

Embraer E190AR, VH-UZK.

In my last Wellington post, I had mentioned I bumped into Tim Gorman, aka ZKAviation. He told me the reason for the Retro-roo aircraft being ETOPS certified was to cover maintenance of the regular fleet. That maintenance is to install split winglets.

Imagine my delight when, while waiting on the E190, I spotted one of these updated aircraft on approach!

Boeing 737-800, VH-VZW.

The winglets are very obvious in that shot. As it departed, just after the E190 arrived, I got my best shot to show off the new wing tips.

Boeing 737-800, VH-VZW.

You can check out all 15 photos from this visit on Flickr.





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