New version of photo

Ohakea 2008 — Remastered

I’ve done it again. This was an “Open Day” at RNZAF Ohakea in 2008. This one took me a long while to get done, but the holiday break (despite some challenges) helped me break the back of the processing and I finished them off this week and got them all uploaded — something Flickr doesn’t make easy as I have to replace each photo one at a time!

As usual there are a few photos that I think show the quality that DxO PhotoLab is able to pull from the RAW images. Bear in mind these were taken very nearly 13 years ago on a 10 megapixel camera (my recent stuff is 24 megapixels).

But before I get to the “best of” samples, here’s a direct comparison of old versus new.

Here’s the original (1600px wide). Click on it to view in full size.

Old version of photo

And here’s the new version (3200px wide). Again click for the full size. It’s twice the size and just look at that sharpness and texture.

New version of photo

Also, it seems I had no concept of white balance when I first processed these back in 2008. Some may still be a wee bit off, but most are more natural.

Hereinafter, these are embedded from Flickr, so click to go to the photo page where you can get the full size view (if your screen is big enough!)









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