Calendars now available


Apologies to those of you who might have seen yesterday’s premature post on this topic – let’s just say some things went badly wrong after I posted it. All is sorted now.

When I was last out at Wellington Airport, I got chatting to a chap who, when I mentioned my web site, said “You should do calendars!” It seemed like a good idea and a good time, so I’ve done it.

There are three themes available, each in three sizes/styles. Each calendar has a different image for each of 12 months, but using the (Zazzle) site you can customise which year and months your calendar covers. Just note that while you can select more than 12 months, there are only 12 pictures, so any pages beyond the 12th month would be blank.

You can find the calendars here on Zazzle. It’s the New Zealand Zazzle site, and the calendars will default to New Zealand holidays and “cultural” settings, but they can be changed to the country of your choice when ordering.

UPDATE(2): The Zazzle store page was empty for a few days but is now fully functional.

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